A Touch of Happiness

A Touch of Happiness

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What can so special from relaxing? It is because it comes after hard work or in the middle of problems to release the stress. People in the modern city tends to have higher level of stress, the main cause of this problems is because the life style of modern cities. This atmosphere is easily seen by doing a simple research, take some time and walk around metro cities, have a chat with people inside it and then move to country side. Time goes so fast in the big cities, someone have to chase the opportunity if they did not want to be left behind.

The key of living peacefully is simple as they never imagined, they think achieving happiness is about having something or someone, life forever or anything that television tells them. Living so peacefully is about admitting things that come to life, problems or happiness is just same. They are feeling, someone may think that going barefoot is a problem but not a problem for others, as well as happiness. Someone can achieve happiness in that time, in the time that they choose to be happy, just like having a sex with Brussels call girls in a perfect moment.

What so different between these condition? Can someone life in both condition? Everybody can adapt, regarded to their willing to survive, but knowing their self is a different problem. When someone is willing to live their life they have to indicate their worst enemy, the ego. Unfortunately most people in the world do not know that they were in scared condition. They afraid of their future, they cling on their past and then they become zombies. Why zombies? Because they do not have their free will which is a gift of living being, they hang on something outside their self.

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