Benefits of Choosing a Themed Hen’s Night in Melbourne

Benefits of Choosing a Themed Hen’s Night in Melbourne

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Deciding on what type of party to throw for your best friend’s hen party can be challenging, you want to come up with something unique within a venue which isn’t overly expensive. Everyone will expect the party to be full of fun, laughter and enjoyment, so why not consider organising a themed event.

Lively Participation

One of the best things to set the mood of any event is to get the crowd involved in the party, a hen’s night in Melbourne which is designed around a themed party is a great way of getting everyone involved and motivated for the night ahead.

People tend to let go of themselves quicker when in costume, if you have your guests arrive as masked characters, they’ll loosen up easier and enjoy the night. You can really set the mood for the party by choosing to run a themed hen’s night. There is a big difference between arriving at a venue that has been decorated as a 60’s disco or stepping into your typical nightclub setting. You don’t have to stop at the venue itself, you can include decorative features such as:

  • Themed invitation cards
  • Themed games
  • Themed transportation to the venue
  • Themed decorative features
  • Themed beverages

Less Confusion

It is advisable to contact a venue in Melbourne which specialises in running hen parties. If they’ve experience with these types of events, they’ll be able to run a successful theme party for your hen’s. Once you’ve decided on a specific type of party, you’ll find it a lot easier to choose decorations and other accessories. If you’re organising an Old Hollywood Glamour Party or a Back to School Party, it’ll be simpler to choose items to enhance the event.

It also helps if the venue you choose specialises in themed events for hen parties. They can assist you with decorations and ideas for the night. They may have some great concepts which they’ve run previously for other customers that you could use.

Memorable & Creative

A hen party should be a night to remember before your best friend ties the knot. Choosing to do a themed party will make the event that bit more memorable, especially if you let your creative juices flow and design a trendy, unique experience. All the hen’s attending the party won’t forget a themed event which was created with exclusivity in mind.

If you happen to remember something specific that your bridesmaid enjoys, you could design a themed party based around their interests. She’ll be much more appreciative of you taking extra steps to ensure her party is a real success. Themed events stick in people’s minds and everyone likes to get dressed up for one night.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, why not throw a themed hen party rather than just a regular event. They are a lot more fun to plan and the bride will enjoy the whole experience. It is also a lot easier to plan a themed event as you already know what you’ll need to decorate the venue.

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