Get Smooth & Hairless With Home Laser Hair Removal

Get Smooth & Hairless With Home Laser Hair Removal

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Tired of shaving every few days? If you thought professional laser treatments were out of your budget you may want to consider home laser hair removal devices. They are actually quite affordable; the cost of a home laser hair removal machine is generally less than one professional laser treatment at the clinic.

Choosing The Right Device For Your Skin

Picking the right laser hair removal machine for your skin and hair color is key if you want to achieve smooth, hairless skin. Those with light to medium skin tones and dark hair are able to use any device including diode lasers and ipl machines. The Tria 4x Laser would be a solid choice. However, those with darker skin tones and blonde hair can only use specific machines such as the Tanda Me Smooth. The Tria laser hair removal machines which use diode technology will not work on those with darker skin tones and blonde or red hair.

Are The More Affordable IPL Machines Just As Good As The More Expensive Tria?

The Tria is considered one of the most advanced laser hair removal machines because it incorporates the same laser technology used by dermatologists at professional clinics. Diode lasers target the hair follicle with pin point technology. Machines which use IPL technology tend to be more affordable but emits diffused energy which is considered weaker. As a result it may take longer and require more sessions for the same results with a IPL device.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different and that it is impossible to predict results. Some individuals my imrove more noticeable hair reduction in certain body parts compared to others. It’s recommended to use the device at the highest setting that you can tolerate for fastest results. The treatment can be uncomfortable for some; it mainly depends on your pain tolerance levels and skin sensitivity. If you find the zaps uncomfortable you can use a numbing cream prior to treatment.

Prepping For Your Skin

It’s imperative to follow the directions carefully for best results.  Most laser hair removal devices require you to shave right before treatment since the device won’t be able to destroy the hair follicle if there is any hair left at the skin’s surface. It’s also important treat the areas you want hairless as prescribed; for example, Silk’n Flash And Go Hair Removal suggests using their device every two weeks for best results.

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