Men’s Fashion Trends And Pop Stars

Men’s Fashion Trends And Pop Stars

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Something that has always been an influence on men’s fashion is pop stars. The current music charts and the most popular and successful artists create the latest trends. An early example would be when a large following of Beatles fans began wearing smart suits and high collar coats. A more recent example would be JLS who went against the current indie trend with very individual and fresh outfits when they appeared for the first time.

Naturally men will take notice of what pop stars wear and how they wear garments as they are in the public eye. Pop stars styles are often used as case studies in dedicated sections to fashion in men’s magazines; creating a perceived image of how men should dress and more so how they should look entirely.

Of course men taking notice of pop stars is not the only influence on men’s fashion. The retailers play a large role too. It is only a small part of the process when the pop star has an influence on the consumer. When the items become available from the retailer, this is the most important stage. When an artist or band releases a new video or appears on TV, high street stores have an influx of clothing similar to or related to what was worn.

Pop stars have such an influence on fashion that entire genres are created from the type of clothing they wear. Their look is often tailored to suit the type of music they create so that the fans will immediately feel comfortable wearing similar styles of clothing. This is then catered to by retailers and magazines which further emphasize these new styles.

Their fashion is often only followed by men of a similar age to the star in question. This is because of a very age specific influence pop stars have. Men who may be a fan but are older are excluded somewhat from following the style or trend. Following their idols style shows an interest in a certain genre so it is often younger audiences who follow more closely.

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